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"A Mixture of Madness"
Season 1, Episode 10
A Mixture of Madness.jpg
Air date March 15, 2013
Written by Jonathan Tropper (writer)
David Schickler (writer)
Directed by Miguel Sapochnik
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"A Mixture of Madness" is the tenth episode of the first season of Banshee and, therefore, the tenth episode of the series overall. It aired on March 15, 2013. The episode was written by Executive Producers Jonathan Tropper and David Schickler and directed by Miguel Sapochnik.



In the past, Lucas gets close to a counselor evaluating his early release. It is eventually revealed that the counselor worked for Rabbit.

In the present, Rabbit's gunmen riddle the police station with gunfire, and Lucas seems to be out of luck, only to be saved by Proctor and Burton. In the morning, the deputies and FBI arrive at the scene in shock.

Lucas exchanges himself to Rabbit for Max. Carrie, Sugar, Job and the three deputies go to Rabbit's outpost to save Lucas and a shootout occurs. Sugar and Brock are wounded. Rabbit tortures Lucas and prepares to kill him when Carrie arrives. After a brief exchange of words, Carrie shoots her father. When the other law enforcement units arrive, Rabbit has disappeared, leaving behind only the picture of himself and Carrie. Hurt by Carrie's choice of Lucas over her family, Gordon leaves with the children.

Jeffrey shows up at Proctor's house and attacks him. Burton arrives to fight off Jeffrey, and although sustaining wounds, eventually kills him. Rebecca walks downstairs in horror, and Burton instructs her to help her uncle.

While Nola and Alex are having dinner, a car screeches by the house and drops off a bloody bag...containing Jeffrey's head. Nola, intrigued by this turn of events, decides to stay in town for a while.

Mayor Dan Kendall sits on a ledge in the construction site of the casino, calling his wife. Unbeknownst to him, Procter and Rebecca arrive at the casino, intent on teaching Alex a lesson. They blow up the casino, unknowingly killing the mayor as well. A small group of hunters come across the remains of the body of the real Lucas Hood.

In a post-credits scene, Jason Hood, son of the real Lucas Hood, is shown watching a YouTube video of the fight between Mr. Sanchez and the unnamed protagonist as Lucas Hood.



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