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Season 2, Episode 4
Air date January 31, 2014
Written by Evan Dunsky (writer)
Directed by Ole Christian Madsen
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"Bloodlines" is the fourth episode of the second season of Banshee and, therefore, the fourteenth episode of the series overall. It first aired on January 31, 2014. The episode was written by Evan Dunsky and directed by Executive Producer Ole Christian Madsen.


A tip in the murder case leads Lucas to question a tough Amish schoolteacher who may have some info on the killing, while the transfer of gang leader Chayton Littlestone causes problems. Later, Rebecca deals with being rejected by her parents; and Alex receives a peace offering from Proctor.


The Kinaho hold a funeral procession for Lana Cleary, the young girl who was found murdered on Amish land. Lucas formally introduces himself to Nola Longshadow, who tells the sheriff she doesn't believe Chayton Littlestone would kill a fellow Kinaho.

Nola tells her brother Alex to man up in his struggle with Kai Proctor. Alex approaches Proctor as he's eating in a diner and the two men hurl accusations and threats at one another. When Kai suggests that Nola is the only one with any balls in the family, Alex takes a swing at him.

At the Cadi, Brock suggests to Hood that talking to the Amish kids may reveal information about Solomon's whereabouts; it turns out Solomon had a friend, Daniel Moses, who has since run away from home. Brock and Hood find Daniel in the abandoned building where he's been squatting and chase him down. He tells them about a teacher named Jonah Lambrecht who turned violent when he found Daniel reading "Lord of the Flies," and caused trouble for Solomon as well. At the same time, Rebecca approaches her cousin Patia who tells her, "The teacher is twisted."

Hood visits Lambrecht in his home and the large Amish widower expresses concern over Solomon's disappearance. When Hood notices that Lambrecht's knee is bleeding (presumably the result of Lucas shooting him in the woods), Lambrecht realizes he's been found out and flings a boiling tea kettle in Hood's direction. As the two engage in a fierce fistfight, Rebecca and Proctor arrive on the scene. Once Hood takes control of the situation, he cedes the interrogation over to Kai.

Using blacksmith's tongs, Proctor extracts Lambrecht's teeth -- and the boy's location. They find himbound up and traumatized in a silo on an adjacent property. Solomon's family welcomes him back, but refuses to acknowledge Kai and Rebecca's role in rescuing him.

Emmett and Siobhan prepare to transfer Chayton to Jefferson County, where there are outstanding warrants for his arrest. In the car, Chayton begins chanting and bashing his head against the cage separating him from the driver. He kicks it in, forcing Emmett to drive off the road. Chayton's gang, the Redbones, emerge fully armed and pick him up.

That same night, Proctor offers Lambrecht's teeth to Alex Longshadow as a peace offering. When Alex accepts, Nola challenges him and Alex asks his sister to leave town. Before she does, she drives a hatchet into Jonah Lambrecht's skull.

Job works to create a new identity for Jason Hood, and advises him to lay low in the meantime. Jason ignores the advice and finds Rebecca grieving at the bar. He brings her home, but Rebecca doesn't find the comfort she's looking for.

Carrie dreams of reuniting with her family. She phones Gordon and Deva, but they ignore her calls. Lucas busts Deva and her friends for smoking pot and brings Deva back to the diner to chat until Gordon arrives to pick her up, having been phoned by Lucas. Job overhears them and realizes that Lucas is her father.

In prison, Carrie receives an unexpected visitor. Her father, Rabbit, is there to see her and he is very much alive, albeit not at his best.



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