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Emily Lotus
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Key information
Home Banshee, Pennsylvania
Status Alive
Profession Hospice nurse
Relatives Brock Lotus (ex-husband)
Relationships Leah Proctor (patient, deceased)
Kai Proctor (former lover)
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Tanya Clarke
Season Origins, 3
First episode "The Fire Trials"
Last episode "Even God Doesn’t Know What to Make of You"
Appearances 9 episodes (see below)

Emily Lotus, the ex-wife of Brock Lotus and the caretaker of Leah Proctor.

Behind the scenes[]

Emily Lotus is a recurring character in the third season. She is played by guest cast member Tanya Clarke.


Season 3 appearances
The Fire Trials Snakes and Whatnot A Fixer of Sorts Real Life Is the Nightmare Tribal
We Were All Someone Else Yesterday You Can’t Hide From the Dead All the Wisdom I Got Left Even God Doesn’t Know What to Make of You We All Pay Eventually
Origins season 3
Getting to Know You Takeover Always Be Prepared Busy Night
Bugs and Thugs Already Dead Off Duty The Birthday