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Israel Proctor
Israel Proctor.jpg
Key information
Home Banshee, Pennsylvania
Status Alive
Relatives Kai Proctor (son)
Miriam Bowman (daughter)
Solomon Bowman (grandson)
Rebecca Bowman (granddaughter, deceased)
Elijah Bowman (son-in-law)
Relationships Leah Proctor (wife, deceased)
Sugar Bates (ex-employee)
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Alpha Trivette
Season 1, 2, 3
First episode "Pilot"
Last episode "All the Wisdom I Got Left"
Appearances 11 appearances (see below)

Israel Proctor is an Amish man who is father of Kai Proctor. Because of his sons change of faith, he doesn't acknowledge his existence.[1]

After his wife's death, he's seeing differently on his relationship with Kai, and is willing to forgive him.

Behind the scenes[]

Israel Proctor is a recurring character in the first, second and third seasons He is played by co-star Alpha Trivette.


Season 1 appearances
Pilot The Rave Meet the New Boss Half Deaf Is Better Than All Dead The Kindred
Wicks Behold a Pale Rider We Shall Live Forever Always the Cowboy A Mixture of Madness
Season 2 appearances
Little Fish The Thunder Man The Warrior Class Bloodlines The Truth About Unicorns
Firekeeper Ways to Bury a Man Evil for Evil Homecoming Bullets and Tears
Season 3 appearances
The Fire Trials Snakes and Whatnot A Fixer of Sorts Real Life Is the Nightmare Tribal
We Were All Someone Else Yesterday You Can’t Hide From the Dead All the Wisdom I Got Left Even God Doesn’t Know What to Make of You We All Pay Eventually