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Kai Proctor
Kai Proctor 2.jpg
Key information
Status Unknown
Profession Businessman
Owner of Proctor Meats
Mayor of Banshee
Relatives Israel Proctor (father)
Leah Proctor (mother, deceased)
Miriam Bowman (sister)
Elijah Bowman (brother-in-law)
Rebecca Bowman (niece/lover, deceased)
Solomon Bowman (nephew)
Unborn Child (possible Son/Daughter via Rebecca Bowman, deceased)
Relationships Clay Burton (personal assistant, deceased)
Duke Morgan (Sheriff of Banshee/employee, deceased)
Juliet (ex-stripper/ex-lover)
Deborah Ramsay (ex-stripper/ex-lover)
Platinumm (stripper)
Jackson Sperling (attorney, deceased)
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Ulrich Thomsen
Season Origins, 1, 2, 3, 4
First episode "Pilot"
Last episode "Requiem"
Appearances 37 episodes (see below)

Kai Proctor is an intimidating, wealthy local businessman who believes he is above the law. In the 4th season of the series he is also the mayor of Banshee.


Kai considers himself a businessman and wants to increase the welfare of Banshee. He has no problems performing criminal activities and is willing to kill anyone who poses a threat to him. He has troubles with his former Amish family as they banished him, and some even deny his existence. He feels associated with his niece as she was cast out as well. Despite not believing in God (at least not like his family), he has a huge image of Jesus tattooed on his back and has a fetish for having his bed-partner wear an Amish cap. 

He also quotes from the Bible while talking with his family and was willing to defend them from the Tribe. He became angry at Hood when he learned he had sex with his niece.

He later was shown to probably have a sexual relationship with her as they slept together in the same bed.

A man of high ambition, he managed to turn himself into a successful businessman and even became a mayor. He can be polite and charming when needed, but most of the time, he uses intimidation and the threat of extreme violence to get what he wants. 


Kai is able to run his company while performing illegal and legal activities alike. He is capable of avoiding being prosecuted and is highly aware of his legal limits. Kai is something of a thug as he intimidates or kills anyone who stands in his way.

He is a highly skilled marksman as he is able to take out multiple gunmen all by himself. 

Kai is in great shape. He is seen working out on wooden dummies and doing bodyweight exercises. He is able to take brutal beatings and keep going. Even during his training routines, he is seen punching a wooden dummy till his fists were bleeding. 

Growing up as a violent young man, he became highly skilled in the use of violence and is able to defeat multiple criminals by himself. He is a highly skilled fighter who uses martial arts and improvised weapons to quickly subdue his opponents. 

Behind the scenes[]

Kai Proctor is a major character in the first, second, third and fourth season. He is played by starring cast member Ulrich Thomsen.


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