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Siobhan Kelly
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Key information
Home Banshee, Pennsylvania
Status Deceased
Profession Sheriff's Deputy
Relatives Breece Connors (ex-husband)
Relationships Emmett Yawners (colleague, deceased)
Brock Lotus (colleague)
Billy Raven (collegue)
Lucas Hood (boss/lover)
Death Neck snapped by Chayton Littlestone
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Trieste Kelly Dunn
Season Origins, 1, 2, 3
First episode "Pilot"
Last episode "You Can’t Hide From the Dead"
Last mentioned "Something out of the Bible"
Appearances 25 episodes (see below)

Siobhan Kelly was a Deputy for the Banshee County Sheriff's Department in Banshee, Pennsylvania, USA. She served under Sheriff Lucas Hood and worked with fellow Deputy Brock Lotus and Billy Raven. She had a romantic relationship with Sheriff Hood. She was married before to a man who physically abused her, and against whom she had a restraining order. She was murdered by Chayton Littlestone in the show's third season.

Behind the scenes[]

Siobhan was a tough, confident and independent woman who was good at being a cop. She lived alone in her parents´ old house but when rowdy bikers burned it to the ground as revenge for killing one of them, she moved into a trailer. She became infatuated with Lucas Hood and revealed her softer side despite Lucas´ intimacy issues. Siobhan Kelly was a major character in the first, second and third season. She was played by starring cast member Trieste Kelly Dunn.[1]


Origins: Siobhan interrupted

Siobhan is not a cop yet in this episode, and Emmett Yawners is seen taken her out of The Forge from her abusive husband Connors, and tells her she can and should do better. In response she tries to kiss him, but he stops her, telling her that isn't really what she wants, and he doesn't require that.

Emmett says that he will have a "persuasive" chat with Connors. Siobhan mentions it must be nice being a cop and having the strength to protect yourself. Emmet suggests she would pursue this path herself, and she says she might consider that. (And since we see her as a cop in the actual show, we may deduce that she decided to pursue this path eventually).

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Pilot The Rave Meet the New Boss Half Deaf Is Better Than All Dead The Kindred
Wicks Behold a Pale Rider We Shall Live Forever Always the Cowboy A Mixture of Madness
Season 2 appearances
Little Fish The Thunder Man The Warrior Class Bloodlines The Truth About Unicorns
Firekeeper Ways to Bury a Man Evil for Evil Homecoming Bullets and Tears
Season 3 appearances
The Fire Trials Snakes and Whatnot A Fixer of Sorts Real Life Is the Nightmare Tribal
We Were All Someone Else Yesterday You Can’t Hide From the Dead All the Wisdom I Got Left Even God Doesn’t Know What to Make of You We All Pay Eventually


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